Differences Between a Call Center and a Contact Center

In a digital world – customer interactions have evolved far beyond just phone calls to include review sites, social media, and more. All of the above play a crucial role in customer service and there’s a key distinction between traditional call centers and modern contact centers. This guide explores the core features and functions of each, highlighting the key differences between a call center and a contact center. Businesses that understand these differences can choose the right solution for their specific customer service needs and create a seamless omnichannel experience for their customers. Find out how the boostCX Contact Center and Engagement Services solutions can help you reach your customers.

Call Center vs. Contact Center

You may think that call center and contact center are interchangeable terms – they are not. The key difference between call centers and contact centers – like the 24/7 Engagement Services used by boostCX – is the channel or medium used by each. In many ways, a contact center is a modern version of the call center that allows businesses to engage customers via phone, text, email, live chat applications, and social media.

Call CenterVSContact Center
Voice CallsMediumVoice Calls, Email, Live Chat, Text, Video, and More
Call ReportsAnalyticsMultichannel Engagement and Analytics
Managing Call Flows and MetricsFocusCustomer Engagement
Difficult to Increase CapacityScalabilityEasy to Expand
ReactiveCustomer ApproachProactive AND Reactive

What Are the Benefits of a Multichannel Contact Center? 

In the modern and digital age, customers want the freedom to connect with businesses on their preferred channel – when and where they want to. This is where the boostCX Engagement Services and Contact Center come in. boostCX goes beyond the limitations of a traditional call center, offering a multichannel solution and omnichannel engagement that empowers you to provide an exceptional customer experience across all touchpoints. This includes email, live chat, social media messaging, and even SMS text messaging. Here is a list of benefits provided by a contact center.

Smartphone with Phone, Email and Text Icons on Black Background

By employing a multichannel contact center, businesses can ensure they’re meeting customers where they are, building stronger relationships, encouraging brand loyalty, and driving business growth.

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In the modern market, understanding the differences between call centers and contact centers is important to your success. While call centers rely on phone interactions, modern contact centers offer a wider range of communication channels. This empowers businesses to cater to customer preferences and create a seamless omnichannel experience.

The boostCX Contact Center transcends the limitations of traditional call centers. A multichannel solution allows you to engage with customers on their preferred platform, be it email, live chat, social media, or SMS and boost your customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and gain valuable customer insights – all with boostCX.  Contact boostCX today and discover how our comprehensive contact center solutions can empower you to deliver exceptional customer service.