Retail Customer Experience Management

The retail industry is as competitive as it gets and providing an exceptional customer experience is more important than ever to economic success. The Customer Experience Platform provided by boostCX is designed to meet this need and help you improve customer service, business operations, and profitability.

This innovative platform leverages advanced technology to deliver seamless, personalized, and engaging insight into the shopping experience of your customers. Whether it’s in-store, online, or through mobile devices, boostCX helps you ensure that every customer interaction is meaningful and memorable, setting your retail business apart from your competition and driving customer loyalty.

How Does the boostCX Customer Experience Platform Work?

What Are the boostCX Features for Retail?

Survey Feedback and Closed-Loop Alert Management

  • Invites customers to provide feedback via text, email, phone, intercept, and in-app surveys – and lets the customer choose.
  • Provides multilingual and responsive surveys to include all customers.
  • Provides real-time feedback and alerts for retail businesses when highlighted keywords are used.
  • Uses a closed-loop case management system to ensure customer feedback is responded to quickly.
  • Validates surveys and survey results.
  • Available on a boostCX Mobile App.
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Actionable Insights

  • Creates custom, role-based dashboards that create a comprehensive view of the customer experience.
  • Provides an intuitive view of KPI trends, employee rankings, and more.
  • Builds custom reports based on survey results and customer data.
  • Develops and produces KPI-based Scorecards to give you actionable data.
  • Helps identify root causes of customer concerns, complaints, and issues to create resolutions.
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Text Analytics

  • Groups customer feedback into categories to provide detailed topic analysis.
  • Detects common themes within customer feedback to help you understand customer needs.
  • Uses visual tools and diagrams to illustrate customer concerns.
  • Creates alerts based on predetermined customer criteria.
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boostCX Social

  • Compiles social media reviews and comments from multiple platforms.
  • Identifies common trends and issues based on customer reviews.
  • Directly engages with at-risk customers to help create dialogue between business and customer.
  • Monitors competitors and predetermined benchmarks to help you understand how you compare within your area of interest.
  • Employs text analytics to identify customer trends and themes.
  • Provides alerts based on low social media review scores, keywords, and negative feedback.
  • Helps produce an increase in online reviews and embedded Google reviews.


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