Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is effective as of January 2, 2024. Please note that this privacy policy will be updated to reflect any important changes in the way we handle your personal data or any changes in applicable laws.


This policy addresses the data GoalLine Solutions collects to provide our SaaS platform “boostCX” and Business Process Outsourcing services “VoyceCX” to our clients.  Clients use boostCX to collect customer feedback through various mediums, including surveys, online reviews and other customer feedback channels.  Clients use VoyceCX services offered through our contact center, online chat and other mediums to manage inbound and outbound communication with their customers.

“client” refers to an entity or business to which GoalLine Solutions provides its services or SaaS platform.

“customer” refers to an individual who has had an interaction with a GoalLine Solutions client and whose feedback is collected through boostCX or VoyceCX. Customer interactions can include purchasing goods or services, contacting customer support, or providing feedback on a social media site.

“respondent” refers to an individual who is prompted to provide feedback to one of GoalLine Solutions’ clients through boostCX or VoyceCX services.

How we collect data

In providing services for our clients, GoalLine Solutions collects data according to our clients’ instructions. Our clients specify what customers we should contact to provide feedback, when we should contact them (for example, after having a vehicle serviced at a dealership), how we should contact them (for example, email, phone or SMS), how often we should contact them and what questions are asked. GoalLine Solutions’ clients also decide whether to use inbound or outbound data integrations.

The following are examples of the ways we collect customer data:

Types of information we collect

GoalLine Solutions enters into agreements with our clients that legally obligate GoalLine Solutions to protect data we receive or are directed to collect and use it only to provide the products and services specified by the client. GoalLine Solutions clients are responsible for complying with laws that may require notice, disclosure or consent related to the transfer of data to GoalLine Solutions or its use in boostCX or VoyceCX services.  For more information on the types of data collected by specific GoalLine Solutions client, refer to the privacy notice or communications of the GoalLine Solutions client. Our clients’ privacy notices are commonly located in the boostCX survey invitation (for web-based surveys) or on the client’s web site for VoyceCX contact center clients.

GoalLine Solutions’ clients provide explicit instructions regarding the upload, collection, transfer, and access of personal data in boostCX or VoyceCX reporting portals.  As such, GoalLine Solutions’ clients determine the legal basis they have for data processing. GoalLine Solutions’ clients can use legitimate interest or consent as a legal basis for processing personal data in boostCX, although others may apply.   The information collected sometimes includes personal data, which is information relating to identified or identifiable natural persons. Some examples of the types of information we may collect include:

Information we collect automatically

We may automatically collect information about client and customers devices and how their device interacts with our Service, some of which may include personal data. Some examples of information we collect include:

Information we collect on behalf of our clients

Information we do not collect

GoalLine Solutions does not collect sensitive data, such as credit card numbers or government identification numbers

How do we use the personal data

GoalLine Solutions uses personal data gathered in boostCX and through VoyceCX services to provide clients with the services for which the client has engaged GoalLine Solutions. Those services may include:

Data Access Controls

Employees of GoalLine Solutions can access customer personal data provided by a client to perform work associated with services provided. Only those employees of GoalLine Solutions who require access to data in order to perform required services or address customer issues will have access to data.

All personal data stored in boostCX is provided using systems, procedures and controls approved by GoalLine Solutions’ security team. Access is provided only as long and as needed to perform the necessary work.

GoalLine Solutions’ clients can provide their employees access to boostCX and VoyceCX reporting services so that they can view and analyze gathered feedback.

GoalLine Solutions does not send or share any personal data directly with any third party. Where GoalLine Solutions utilizes third-party services for Cloud storage, third-party support, or security or compliance audits, GoalLine Solutions evaluates each vendor based on the GoalLine Solutions’ vendor risk management program and enforces appropriate security and data agreements with them.

GoalLine Solutions maintains a comprehensive security program with appropriate organizational and technical security practices measures to protect data stored within boostCX and VoyceCX reporting platforms.  GoalLine Solutions adheres to OWASP and SANs25 application security controls and performs third party annual penetration testing and attestation of SSAE16 Soc 2 Type 2 (available upon request)

GoalLine Solutions maintains strict data retention and destruction policies with individual data retention rules defined by each client.  All client and associated customer data is delated at the termination of the client’s subscription, unless earlier deleted or modified per the client’s request.

GoalLine Solutions offers its clients opt-out mechanisms to include in communications to individuals. Respondents who exercise an opt-out will be added to GoalLine Solutions’ opt-out list for the relevant client as required by applicable law. For each client, GoalLine Solutions does not send survey invitations to any e-mail address on the applicable opt-out list. GoalLine Solutions provides its opt-out lists to clients and their agents on a timely basis so that they may, where appropriate, update their records. If you are a respondent who wishes to withdraw your consent from all data processing by a particular GoalLine Solutions client, please contact the client directly.

Collection of Personal Data of Minors

Our service is not intended for children. We do not knowingly collect information from children as defined by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act or other applicable law. If we learn that we have inadvertently collected information from a child, we will delete that information as quickly as possible.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

GoalLine Solutions may revise this policy from time to time. If we make substantial changes, we will post those amendments to our website at or so that you are aware of the changes.

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