Customer Experience Management.

boostCX enables organizations to collect actionable feedback throughout the customer journey and allows customers and employees to choose the medium with which they provide their feedback, including SMS, email, phone, intercept and in-app surveys.

Survey Feedback and Closed-loop Alert Management

  • MULTILINGUAL – Send survey invitations in a customer preferred language or allow customers to choose which language they prefer from within the survey.
  • ALERT MANAGEMENT – Trigger real-time alerts based on keywords, low score surveys or reviews. Track alert response times and number of escalations to monitor the responsiveness of your organization.
  • CLOSED LOOP CASE MANAGEMENT – Ensure your customer issues are addressed in a timely fashion. Customers receive an automated email survey on every closed alert to ensure their issue has been resolved.
  • MOBILE APP – CASE MANAGEMENT – Users can review alert details, email or call customers and then close or reassign an alert from within the native iOS or Android app.
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Performance Management

  • DASHBOARDS – A role based dashboard with consolidated survey and online review scores provides a holistic view of the customer experience. The intuitive interactive dashboard allows users to view aggregated results or drill into additional detail as required.
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE REPORTING – A full suite of customizable hierarchy-based reports including trend, ranking and performance reports with clearly identified areas of focus based on feedback collected.
  • REPORT CARDS – Turn feedback and insights into actionable data. Generate role based performance management report cards with program KPI’s and identified areas for improvement. Include online review and verbatim comments to provide better visibility into the true voice of the customer.
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boostCX Insights

  • TEXT ANALYTICS – Customers share comments and feedback about your organization through social media, surveys, review sites and many other channels. boostCX Insights uses machine and human learning to automatically analyze text feedback to identify customer pain points and provide your organization with valuable insights into the customer experience.
  • TOPIC ANALYSIS – Utilize rule-based topic definition to categorize verbatim and social review comments into line of business or areas of focus. Monitor sentiment and measure impact of categories on CX or review scores.
  • THEME DETECTION – Utilize theme detection to understand what’s important to customers. Make sense of unstructured feedback from both verbatim and social comments. Visually identify areas of customer concern based on sentiment and frequency of mentions. Drill into themes to view customer comments and gain a better understanding of customer concerns.
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White-Glove Support

  • TOLL FREE LIVE AGENT SUPPORT – Live agent dedicated technical support for all platform users. From program launch through to ongoing user support issues, password resets, or program questions, our dedicated support team is available to ensure your employees have the assistance they need.
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