Social Reputation Management

boostCX Social Reputation Management offers a complete range of solutions crafted to enhance your brand’s visibility and reputation across social media platforms. This encompassing platform incorporates Social Media monitoring, engagement, and Social Review promoting solutions. These essential tools enable you to monitor, manage, analyze, and amplify your brand’s social media presence, empowering you to grasp public sentiment and promptly address customer feedback.

Social Media Monitoring & Engagement

boostCX Social integrates social media reviews and comments into the customer experience portal providing a holistic view of both solicited and unsolicited customer feedback. Utilize boostCX Social to aggregate huge streams of data, make sense of the trends and engage with customers in a human way, allowing you to protect your brand while boosting the customer experience.

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Social Trends

Monitor and drill into trend social reviews and comments across multiple online review sites filtered by date, source, positive, neutral or negative review rating. Reply directly to social reviews from dashboard or mobile app. View “heat map” of social ratings across multiple regional or national maps. Compare reviews and customer comments by dealer, region, district, or nationally.

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Competitive Benchmarks

Compare social reviews to competitor locations. Monitor rank within market and compare total review counts. Aggregate competitive brand online review scores by district, region or nationally. Compare “heat map” of social ratings to competitor within regions or nationally.

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Social Buzz

Monitor brand or product comments and sentiment posted public social media sites, blogs microblogs and news sites. Monitor sentiment trends and drill into comments to gain insights into customer feedback.

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Social Engagement

Engage negative customers before their message goes viral. Respond to customer reviews directly within the desktop portal or via the mobile app. Track timeliness of user responses and ensure closed-loop follow up for all customer identified issues.

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  • Aggregate social reviews and comments from multiple review sites for a more holistic view.
  • Identify systemic issues or trends based on customer feedback.
  • Engage directly with at-risk customers and improve your online reputation.
  • Reply directly to social reviews from dashboard or mobile app.
  • View “heat map” of social ratings across multiple regional or national maps.
  • Compare reviews and customer comments by location, region, district, or nationally.
  • Utilize text analytics to identify trending topics and themes.
  • Trigger alerts based on low review scores, keywords or negative sentiment.
  • Drive significant increases in online Reviews with Embedded Google Reviews.
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boostCX Social Booster

Improved SEO Visibility

The vast majority of consumers will read at least one review before making a purchase decision on a product, business, or service. For this reason, it is critically important to improve your SEO by increasing the volume and recency of your brands reviews. The boostCX Social Booster leverages your existing survey volumes to drive increased reviews to your preferred online review sites.

Boost your Google Reviews

Our embedded Google review solution allows your customers to post their survey comments and review score directly from within your survey, without the need to copy or re-enter a review score. This seamless process drives a significant increase in customer reviews to your Google location.