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The world’s leading brands use boostCX to understand customer satisfaction at every level, identify areas for improvement, and take action to create customer experiences that differentiate them from competitors.

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Realize improved Survey Response Rates
Significantly increase Google Reviews
Enhance Customer Loyalty and Retention


The boostCX platform is very easy to use and very self-explanatory to navigate. We achieved an immediate ROI because this platform is built differently than our last one and easily identifies trends that dealers can take immediate action on.

Senior Customer Experience Specialist, Automotive OEM

The platform is great. But what differentiates boostCX is their engagement and their commitment. It really makes a difference.

Director of CX, Automotive Aftermarket service provider

Omnichannel Engagement

How We Help

Survey Feedback and Closed-loop Alert Management

The boostCX survey engine is a multi-channel solution for gathering customer experience feedback throughout the customer journey. Create fully customized, branded, multi-lingual surveys utilizing a variety of scoring methodologies. The boostCX survey engine enables you to:

  • Initiate SMS, email, phone, intercept, and in-app surveys—let your customer chose their preferred feedback channel.
  • Utilize multilingual, responsive surveys to ensure you are always speaking the customer’s language.
  • Generate real-time alerts automatically triggered by keywords, low-score surveys, or negative reviews.
  • Use Closed-loop case management to ensure prompt follow up with customers.
  • Ensure survey integrity by validating survey responses and survey source.
  • Monitor and respond on the go with the boostCX mobile app.

Actionable Insights

Performance management tools help you boost outcomes in multiple areas of focus. BoostCX brings structure and meaning to your customer experience data, so you can act with confidence, clarity, and consistency at every touchpoint.

  • Role-based dashboards that provide a customized, holistic view of the customer experience.
  • View KPI trends, comparison and location or employee ranking.
  • Create custom reports based on surveys, questions, periods, or multiple data dimensions and product segments.
  • Develop KPI-driven Scorecards to provide actionable data to boost your team’s performance in areas of focus.
  • Identify root cause and resolution patterns in customer identified concerns or issues.

Text Analytics

Customers are sharing comments and feedback about your brand across multiple channels. But without structure and context, that feedback is hard to act on. With boostCX Insights, the combined power of machine and human learning goes to work analyzing text feedback to identify customer pain points and deliver valuable insights.

  • Topic analysis uses rule-based logic to group feedback into categories your business cares about.
  • Theme detection helps you understand what matters to your customers.
  • Visual tools clearly show areas of customer concern based on sentiment and frequency of mentions.
  • Triggered alerts based on key words or verbatim sentiment.

boostCX Social

boostCX Social integrates social media reviews and comments into the customer experience portal providing a holistic view of both solicited and unsolicited customer feedback. Utilize boostCX Social to aggregate huge streams of data, make sense of the trends and engage with customers in a human way, allowing you to protect your brand while boosting the customer experience.

  • Aggregate Social reviews and comments from multiple review sites for a more holistic view.
  • Identify systemic issues or trends based on customer feedback.
  • Engage directly with at-risk customers and improve your online reputation.
  • Monitor competitive benchmarks to understand you how your organization compares locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • Utilize text analytics to identify trending topics and themes.
  • Trigger alerts based on low review scores, keywords or negative sentiment.
  • Drive significant increases in online Reviews with Embedded Google Reviews.

Engagement Services

A series of services and technology-driven tools designed to help you manage your customer base efficiently, effectively and consistently. When you can’t be there, boostCX Engagement services will stand in for your brand and deliver positive customer experiences across every channel. One interaction at a time.

  • Social Media Engagement and Monitoring Services
  • Live Agent Contact Center/IVR
  • Online Chat
  • Mystery Shop
  • Market Research
  • Customer Care
  • Brand Management Services

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