Custom Development

The boostCX Custom Development team create tailored customer experience solutions that align with your unique business needs. This element allows you to adapt survey, software, and reporting features to fit your organization and provides applications and systems that enhance customer interactions and engagement. Whether it’s integrating existing systems or building new ones from scratch, the Custom Development team at boostCX leverages their technical expertise to deliver solutions that drive customer satisfaction and business growth.

This personalized approach helps ensure that your business can provide a seamless, efficient, and superior customer experience, setting you apart in today’s competitive marketplace.

Customize the Customer Experience

One of the biggest challenges for organizations that use SaaS platforms to manage CX initiatives is the frustration of being forced into a box of functionality that doesn’t meet the needs or workflows of their business.

Customer service is not a cookie cutter business and with the boostCX Customer Experience Management solution, you can not only customize the way your team approaches the customer experience, but how you interact with customers in your industry. Learn more about how boostCX can help you customize the customer experience.

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boostCX Customization Features

Unlike other CX software providers, boostCX provides full customization and services built to support the unique survey, software and reporting requirements of your organization.

  • White-labeled and company branded surveys and reporting
  • Flexible data cleaning rules capable of supporting complex custom logic
  • Custom reports that get exactly the right information to exactly the right people in your organization based on your needs, not ours
  • Intuitive layout and menu structure that can be customized to eliminate any confusion for end users
  • Fully customizable, actionable scorecards to facilitate efficient and effective use of learnings to effect change that increases customer satisfaction
  • And more…
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