How Automakers Can Improve the Car Buying Experience

In the automotive landscape, the car buying experience is about much more than just the final sale – it is a customer journey that shapes a customer’s perception of your brand and your business. Many factors can leave potential customers feeling frustrated and alienated when they leave an automotive dealership and many automakers want to know how they can improve the car buying experience and create a smooth, positive journey that builds customer loyalty. boostCX is a leading provider of customer experience management solutions that gives automakers the tools they need to revolutionize the car buying experience and drive success with data-driven strategies and innovative technologies.

Top 3 Ways to Improve the Car Buying Experience

From excited car shopper to frustrated buyer –  the car buying experience can be a real rollercoaster at times. When automakers and automotive dealerships examine the car buying experience, it is important to first identify the customer pain points for those potential customers who walk in the door. boostCX provides innovative customer experience management solutions that will help automakers and dealerships collect and analyze customer feedback to identify those customer pain points.

Key Car Shopper Pain Points

  • Long wait times at dealerships are the most frustrating part of the process for 41% of car shoppers and car owners who visit a service department.
  • Pressure from salesmen to make a purchase right then and there can be aggravating and drive customers away.
  • Going from office to office to organize financing, tax and title documents, the sale price, and more is a pain point for many car shoppers.
  • Mountains of paperwork to fill out and sign when you purchase a vehicle is frustrating.
Couple Signing Paperwork at a Car Dealership

We know those pain points can be stressful for car shoppers and the automakers and dealerships who have vehicles to sell. But there are more than a few ways to address those pain points. Here are a few ways for automakers to improve the car buying experience and ensure a happy customer and a successful sale.

1. Start the Process Online

Dealerships and automakers can eliminate many potential customer pain points by creating an online shopping experience. Improved online processes empower customers to start and finish key aspects of the car buying process online, streamlines the experience, and saves valuable time. Imagine browsing inventory, pre-approving for financing, and even scheduling a test drive – all from the comfort of your couch. This online convenience reduces pressure, promotes informed decision-making, and sets the stage for a more efficient and positive in-person dealership visit when it is time for car shoppers to drive home in their brand-new vehicle. boostCX allows dealerships and automakers to identify pain points and can provide insight into how online processes can be improved.

2. Remove Unnecessary Purchase Touchpoints

A simplified purchase process at dealerships helps eliminate stress for buyers and sellers.  Automakers and dealerships that reduce unnecessary touchpoints in the purchase process and streamline the process will make it more pleasant for car shoppers AND dealership employees. This process could involve consolidating paperwork, offering online signing options, and ensuring a smooth transition from online research to in-person finalization. Fewer hurdles to jump equate to a more relaxed and positive experience for the customer and more future business.

3. Create a Memorable Buying Experience

In the competitive automotive market – it’s the experience that seals the deal, not just the models and features. boostCX empowers you to go beyond the vehicle and craft a memorable buying journey for every customer. Imagine personalized recommendations, transparent communication, and a streamlined process online that prioritizes their needs. Armed with this customer-focused approach and backed by boostCX data-driven insights, dealerships and automakers can create an environment of lasting brand loyalty and sky-high customer satisfaction – setting your automotive business apart from the competition.

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Don’t let the car buying experience be a roadblock on the path to customer satisfaction at your automotive dealership. Automotive businesses that prioritize a smooth and positive buying journey, can turn car shoppers into loyal brand advocates. Learn more about how automakers can improve the car buying experience with the help of data-driven strategies and innovative technology provided by boostCX. 

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