Effect of the Employee Experience on Customer Service

In the world of customer service, a simple truth prevails – happy employees lead to happy customers. When you approach the customer experience, it is important to consider the effect of the employee experience on customer service. Employees who feel valued, empowered, and equipped with the right tools to serve their customers are more likely to deliver an exceptional experience. In turn – this fosters customer satisfaction, loyalty, and a thriving business.

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How Does the Employee Experience Affect Customers?

The employee experience has a ripple effect that reaches all the way to your customers. A disengaged employee, struggling with outdated technology or unclear processes may become frustrated and their frustration can be manifested in interactions with customers, leading to impatience and a lack of helpfulness. By comparison – an empowered and motivated employee that has the tools and support they need to go above and beyond. They can resolve customer inquiries efficiently, offer personalized recommendations, and create a positive and welcoming atmosphere that will keep customers coming back to your business. 

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The impact of happy employees on the customer experience and the bottom line for your business is very real. A recent Gallup study found that disengaged employees cost businesses an estimated $450 – $550 billion per year – which makes it even more important to build a positive culture for your employees.

Top 3 Tips to Improve the Employee Experience

Investing in your employees is an investment in the success of your business. Happy and engaged employees provide exceptional customer service, fostering loyalty and driving growth. Here is a better look at a few things your company can do to measure and analyze the employee experience.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee Engagement Surveys are a powerful tool to gauge employee sentiment and identify areas for improvement. When you gather honest feedback through surveys, you can understand employee needs, concerns, and overall satisfaction. This valuable employee experience data allows you to address pain points, create recognition programs, and foster a culture of open communication that will help you build a successful team and business. Improved employee engagement translates to a more motivated workforce, ultimately leading to a more positive customer experience.

Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS)

The Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS) – like the customer Net Promoter Score – goes beyond just satisfaction. It measures employee loyalty by asking if they would recommend your company as a great place to work. A high ENPS indicates a strong employer brand and employees who are enthusiastic brand advocates – which translates to a more positive and motivated workforce, leading to improved customer service and ultimately a better customer experience. Businesses that focus on employee well-being and addressing concerns identified through an Employee Net Promoter Score can create a positive ripple effect throughout the entire customer journey.

Employee Performance Review Surveys

Employee Performance Review Surveys evaluate more than performance – they’re a valuable tool for employee growth and development. These surveys allow employees to provide feedback about their managers, the clarity of expectations, and opportunities for professional development. When addressed – these insights provide information on how businesses can create a culture of continuous learning, improvement, and advancement for employees. This empowers employees, fosters a sense of value, and ultimately leads to a more engaged and motivated workforce. A positive employee experience translates directly to a more positive customer experience, creating a win-win scenario for everyone.

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The connection between employee experience and customer service is undeniable. By investing in employee well-being and satisfaction, you’re laying the foundation for exceptional customer interactions in the future. Employee Engagement Surveys, Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS), and Employee Performance Review Surveys are just a few tools that can help you understand employee needs and create a thriving work environment.

boostCX does much more than give you the tools to improve the customer experience. We empower businesses to cultivate a positive employee experience that translates directly into a superior customer service experience. Contact boostCX today and discover how our comprehensive suite of tools can help you create a win-win scenario for both your employees and your customers!