What Is the Customer Journey in Insurance?

Let’s face it – insurance isn’t the most exciting topic – but having the right insurance can be a lifesaver and a superior customer experience can set you apart as a business in the insurance industry. Whether it’s a fender bender, a burst pipe, or an unexpected medical bill, insurance is there to help when life throws you a curveball. But what if the process of getting and using insurance felt more like a conversation with a friend and less like waiting in line at the DMV? That’s where the customer experience can set you apart and that’s where boostCX wants to be your partner in success.

Before you delve into the customer experience, it is important that you understand the customer journey in insurance. We hope we can show you how creating a smooth and friendly experience can set your insurance company apart from the pack, and how boostCX can help you make that a reality.

Step-By-Step Customer Journey in Insurance

Insurance is there to protect you from life’s unexpected bumps in the road – whether it’s a car accident, a lost phone, or a surprise medical bill. But have you ever thought about the journey you take as an insurance customer? This includes everything from finding the right policy to filing a claim – and hopefully you won’t need to. Buckle up and get ready to explore the steps in the insurance customer journey, and how making it smooth can keep customers happy!

1. Brand and Customer Awareness

Finding the right insurance starts with knowing your options as a customer. Building brand awareness and customer awareness is the first step in the customer journey that you need to focus on as an insurance provider. A positive customer experience is key here – imagine finding a helpful insurance company that clearly explains your coverage and has a reputation for helping its customers. boostCX can help by providing the tools you need to engage with current and future customers and build trust in your insurance company.

2. Customer Decision

After potential customers understand their options, the next step is choosing a provider. A smooth customer experience at this stage can help set you apart as an insurance company.  Imagine comparing plans and having a helpful agent answer all of your questions clearly. boostCX can help you improve this stage of the customer journey by identifying any pain points in the process and providing readily available customer support that empowers customers to make informed decisions.

3. Choosing a Policy

Choosing a policy is a key step in the insurance customer journey – and an important one for insurance providers. boostCX can help here by providing feedback mechanisms for your policyholders. By gathering customer feedback on the policy selection process, insurance companies can identify areas where policy wording is confusing or the acquisition process is difficult to understand. This feedback shows insurance companies when and where to simplify policy language, improve online quote tools, and streamline the application process – making it easier for customers to find the right coverage and become customers.

Happy Couple Shaking Hands with Insurance Agent

4. Policyholder Customer Experience

The insurance customer journey doesn’t end after customers buy a policy. The policyholder experience is equally, if not more important to customer satisfaction and continued business. By building positive customer relationships and ensuring a smooth experience with tasks like managing accounts, paying bills, and making changes, insurance companies can build brand loyalty and satisfaction. Happy policyholders are more likely to renew policies and recommend your company to friends and family.

5. Customer Retention

Retaining happy customers is the final, and maybe the most important, step in the insurance customer journey. boostCX can be your secret weapon at this stage. By providing tools to analyze customer feedback on everything from policy changes to claims processing, we can help insurance companies identify areas for improvement across every step of the process. This proactive customer engagement addresses customer concerns and frustrations, ultimately keeping policyholders satisfied and preventing high customer churn.

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The insurance customer journey – from becoming aware of your options to being a happy, loyal policyholder, is all about making things easy and stress-free. An understanding of the customer journey in insurance helps you identify potential pain points and create a positive customer experience at every step when you have the right tools.

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