What Is the Customer Journey in Finance?

What is the customer journey in finance? The first key to success in the finance industry – banks, credit unions, lenders, and more – is to understand the steps that each customer takes within the scope of your business. The customer journey is the complete path a customer takes when interacting with your financial institution, from the initial steps to open an account to using online banking apps and seeking investment advice. Armed with a better understanding of this customer roadmap, you can better engage with customers and identify areas for improvement.

boostCX may be able to help you understand the customer journey – no matter what industry you work in – with an innovative suite of customer experience management tools that empower financial businesses to gain deeper insights into each touchpoint within the customer journey. By analyzing customer feedback and identifying potential pain points, boostCX helps you tailor your financial services to better meet customer needs and deliver an exceptional customer experience in finance that produces loyalty and growth.

What Are the 5 Stages of the Financial Customer Journey?

The financial customer journey isn’t a one-time thing – but a series of steps a customer takes as they interact with your bank, credit union, or financial institution. Understanding these stages is key to providing a seamless customer experience and identifying potential pain points along the way. The five main stages are – awareness, consideration, evaluation, service, and loyalty. By understanding these stages and examining the customer experience at each one with the help of boostCX, you can transform the customer journey into a loyal and profitable relationship.

Stage 1: Awareness

In the initial awareness stage of the financial customer journey, potential customers are just discovering your financial institution. boostCX helps you optimize your online presence and marketing campaigns with market research and brand management services to reach the right audience with the right message. This may involve developing informative content, and creating engaging social media campaigns to spark interest and attract potential customers who are ready to explore your financial services.

Stage 2: Consideration

The next stage is the consideration stage where potential customers compare your financial services to competitors – weighing the pros and cons. boostCX empowers you to showcase your value proposition effectively and directly engage with customers on a variety of platforms. By  analyzing customer feedback, boostCX can help you identify desired features and pricing options that may lead more potential customers to choose your institution.

Stage 3: Evaluation

In the evaluation stage, customers research specific products like mortgages or investment accounts provided by your institution. Within the scope of this stage, boostCX empowers you to  streamline the evaluation process and provide exceptional customer support. Analyzing website traffic patterns and customer feedback with boostCX tools, can help identify areas of confusion within online applications or product information. This allows you to optimize online navigation and processes, develop clear and concise explanations, and offer multiple engagement services to ensure a smooth and frustration-free evaluation process.

Female Customer at a Counter at a Credit Union

Stage 4: Service

The service stage is the point in the customer journey where the customer experience truly takes center stage and they interact with your business on a variety of levels and platforms. boostCX is here to help you to deliver exceptional service across all touchpoints of the customer journey. By monitoring customer sentiment and identifying areas for improvement, boostCX can help you streamline processes, train staff to better serve customer needs, and offer personalized solutions to customer inquiries – which translates to faster resolutions, happier customers, and a stronger foundation for long-term loyalty.

Stage 5: Loyalty

Fostering and building loyalty in the final stage of the financial customer journey is key to long-term success in this industry. boostCX helps you go beyond basic transactions by  identifying upsell opportunities and providing personalized recommendations for additional financial products or services that align with evolving needs. boostCX helps you engage with customers in real-time on a variety of platforms that helps you build trust and loyalty outside the basic framework of your financial institution. By demonstrating a commitment to your customers’ financial well-being, you can transform loyal customers into brand advocates who recommend your financial institution to friends and family.

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The financial customer journey is no longer a mystery when you understand the five key stages – awareness, consideration, evaluation, service, and loyalty. boostCX equips you with the tools to map your customer journey, identify areas for improvement, and deliver an exceptional customer experience that fosters loyalty and drives growth for your business.

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