Sustainability and innovation are valued highly by modern consumers, who also expect their utility providers to keep rates down and service quality up. Customers are experiencing brands across a wide spectrum of channels and devices, and utility companies are no exception. Making payments has to be easy, updates have to be communicated clearly, issue resolution has to be swift and service has to remain uninterrupted—all while utilities contend with regulatory changes and weather-related challenges.

Despite the obstacles, these companies can achieve greater customer loyalty and retention, and it all begins with a comprehensive approach to customer experience management. In boostCX utility providers will find a well-rounded solution comprised of a mix of software and specialty services. Tuning in to customer sentiment via surveys, social media and data analysis allows them to move in sync with the needs of their customers.

Key performance indicators (KPIs), meanwhile, allow managers to audit and influence the effectiveness of their staff right down to the employee.

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boostCX also helps utility providers through:

  • Smartphone-friendly, multi-lingual surveys to connect with more people
  • A blend of web-based, live call, print and IVR surveys to meet organizational and customer needs
  • Social media monitoring and engagement
  • “White-labeled” surveys for managing and enhancing brand identity
  • Adjustable complaint triggers and automated notifications
  • Easy data analysis thanks to graphical representations