The travel and hospitality industry, while helping facilitate countless happy memories, is also notorious for negative customer feedback. The frustration and logistical challenges of travelling sometimes boil over into harsh criticisms, which can do major damage to brand reputation. And as customers invest more and more time into online research before booking, it’s up to businesses—airlines, hotels, hostels, cruise ships, travel agents, car rental companies, tour providers and others—to adapt.

Multiplying channels also makes it difficult for these companies to maintain a consistent experience. Online, in person, by phone or through a combination of the three, customers face a number of decisions and logistical hurdles on their road to a stress-free trip. By listening and actively participating in the conversations affecting their brand, businesses in the travel and hospitality sector can tap into a valuable source of customer feedback and suggestions for process improvement.

A turnkey customer experience management tool, including multi-lingual surveys, the ability to integrate data from several platforms and automated IVR follow up to customer complaints, can help businesses remain in step with their discerning customers. Soliciting customer feedback at opportune times, in a format that accommodates multiple languages and devices, ensures that the voice of the customer is never lost in the shuffle. A user-friendly reporting system, meanwhile, presents that feedback in graphical representations for simple analysis.

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boostCX also fulfills customer experience management needs through:

  • Social media monitoring and engagement services
  • Full scalability to accommodate any organizational size and structure
  • KPI and survey results that can be examined down to the employee
  • Mobile-friendly surveys that allow customers to provide feedback on the go
  • Automated complaint management triggers and alerts