Rising fuel costs, aging infrastructure and tightening environmental standards represent just a handful of the many challenges facing the transportation industry today. Yet customer expectations will only continue to grow. Every customer touchpoint demands uncompromising speed and efficiency, with major implications for both service provider and customer.

Timing means everything to these companies because it means everything to the companies they serve—business interruptions or slowdowns are untenable in a fast-paced, competitive environment like the transportation and logistics industry; efficiency and reliability breed customer loyalty.

Adding to that, companies face constant pressure from changing government regulations and economic conditions. It’s critical they remain agile not only for their own benefit, but for the benefit of customers, who can face similar challenges.

As a flexible and fully scalable solution, boostCX helps companies drill down to the core of the customer experience, monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) at any level and highlight ways to streamline business processes. Companies can access the full story of their customers—purchase history, survey responses, complaints—in a single, integrated platform, while user-friendly graphic visualizations simplify data analysis.

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