With consumers having access to more shopping avenues than ever before, retailers face a daunting task in staying competitive without completely eroding their profit margins. Customer loyalty is tenuous, given the sheer volume of options, and can vanish if businesses aren’t willing or able to stay flexible. However, consumers have shown themselves loyal to brands that regularly engage them on social media, offer customer rewards programs, respond promptly to complaints and generally conduct themselves as members of a mutually beneficial relationship, rather than as purely self-interested entities.

Beyond simply opening channels of communication with customers, businesses need to provide the kind of engagement that builds trust in the brand and elicit the kind of feedback that will drive process improvements. Through boostCX, white-label, fully branded surveys in a variety of formats allow retailers to generate valuable customer feedback in a highly organized format. Social media engagement and monitoring services, meanwhile, ensure that brand reputation remains protected at all times.

While larger companies can benefit from monitoring and managing individual branches through a single, unified platform, small companies can choose only the features that accommodate their goals and resources. This scalability presents a more flexible solution to customer experience management, helping businesses keep up in an ever-changing retail environment.

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boostCX can also help through:

  • Mystery shopping services
  • Smartphone-friendly surveys
  • Hierarchy-based reporting to segregate data according to organizational needs
  • 360° view of the customer—full purchase, complaint and survey history in one place
  • Turnkey customer experience management platform for quick and easy use
  • “White-label“ surveys to support brand identity and harmonize messaging