As once cumbersome tasks such as getting a quote or making a payment have become easier, insurance providers and brokers must do more to accentuate their advantages and establish confidence in their brand. Customer retention and loyalty carry greater weight than ever, with convenience and trust among the key metrics.

However, attitudes and insights about the customer experience can only help if companies are willing and able to tune in. That means getting engaged on social media, pinpointing negative interactions early on, identifying opportunities to launch customer retention initiatives and gathering customer intelligence at decisive moments, such as following a claim or a defection.

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boostCX can assist insurance providers and brokers with:

  • A flexible and convenient survey engine, which increases quantity and quality of responses over standard methods
  • Automated IVR follow-ups after a complaint has been generated
  • The ability to manage and prioritize cases according to organizational needs
  • Real-time data extraction
  • Clear, digestible data in graphical format
  • Social media monitoring and engagement across any channel, for continuous brand reputation management

In dealing with customers at difficult, sometimes life-changing moments, insurance companies also have plenty of opportunity to go above and beyond customer expectations. See how boostCX can help your business make the most of its opportunities.