Governments face intense pressure at every turn, expected to stretch every dollar further and satisfy a diverse group of stakeholders. Still, communication issues hamper governments at every level, in every jurisdiction. Even the perception of mismanagement or inefficiency can hurt credibility, which is why the ability to communicate effectively is such a valuable one. By listening to and becoming part of the conversations people are having about their representatives, government bodies can identify trouble spots in the customer journey and show they’re receptive to public sentiment.

Interactions with government bodies are often stressful and this can put up a barrier between the public and the service provider. Governments can use boostCX, a fully scalable customer experience management platform, to better gauge public attitudes surrounding key proposals and processes, for example transit expansions, payment procedures and environmental initiatives.

They can also accommodate a diverse population with multi-lingual surveys and elicit more responses through a variety of survey platforms, including web, live calls, automated IVR and more. Mobile-friendly surveys provide greater convenience for respondents, while graphical representations streamline the analysis of feedback—for a more efficient process.

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