Without a tangible product with which to differentiate themselves, financial services companies rely heavily on their rates, services and brand reputation to attract and retain customers. The hassle of switching to a competitor is not enough to devalue the role of customer loyalty, or to allow financial companies to coast on the status quo. In fact, more competitors and greater industry oversight will only accentuate the customer experience further.

Convenience, security and reliability are among the highest valued traits in the eyes of customers. When a company falters in any of these areas, the damage can be minimized through a tactful and proactive approach. Through social media monitoring and engagement services, boostCX can identify potentially damaging issues as they arise, and then defuse them before they escalate. This comprehensive approach to brand reputation management helps businesses remain in front of complaints, pre-empting negative feedback that can quickly spread across channels.

Working according to the brand’s established voice and script, boostCX employees ensure all complaints are immediately addressed for a quick and satisfying solution on all sides. The ability to monitor any channel ensures that no comment, positive or negative, goes unnoticed. boostCX also provides mystery shopping services for an objective and in-depth look at the customer experience, as well as a flexible survey platform, automated IVR follow-ups for all generated complaints and KPI analysis down to the branch and even employee levels.

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