Evolving customer expectations, tightening competition and regular technological breakthroughs are just a few of the many factors that have shaped today’s automotive industry—a vastly different landscape from even a few years ago. Dealerships and service centres both face high expectations from customers, who can become lifelong brand advocates when satisfied. This opens an opportunity to get a detailed picture of the customer and use that knowledge to schedule loyalty and retention initiatives.

However, keeping customers happy is becoming increasingly difficult as competition in the marketplace intensifies and the product itself does less to set companies apart. Customer experience management requires a deeper and broader level of engagement, an approach that works in tandem with the way modern consumers interact with each other and with brands.

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With boostCX you can:

  • Create multi-platform, multi-lingual surveys for key points in the customer lifecycle, including after purchases and service appointments
  • Integrate a customer retention or loyalty program
  • Receive automated notifications when complaints or low scores are registered
  • Track customer satisfaction and employee performance at multiple locations
  • Integrate live agent or IVR surveys in addition to web-based surveys