Features and Benefits

Fully customizable reporting and survey platform

Design surveys that get through to your customers and carry value for your business. You can choose the delivery method that ensures the best rate of response, whether that means web surveys, automated IVR, live calls or something else entirely. For the added touch, include brand messaging and your logo.

Scalable solution

boostCX is versatile and scalable—use every feature or tailor a package to suit your needs and the needs of your customers. Businesses of all shapes and sizes rely on boostCX. We know that being adaptable is a huge advantage to our clients, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hierarchy-based reporting

Ensure everyone has access to the data they need to learn and grow within their specific role. With a hierarchy-based reporting system, boostCX allows you to create distinct funnels of information based on your needs—all through a user-friendly control panel. While business owners and high-level management get the full perspective, other employees receive only what is relevant to them and their job performance.

Graphical representations for quick and easy analysis

With boostCX there’s no need to sort through mounds of dense, impenetrable data in search of meaning. You’ll receive user-friendly graphical representations that facilitate simple analysis while still providing the accuracy and insight you need.

Mobile-friendly multi-lingual survey engine

Dramatically increase survey response rates by communicating with customers in a way that works for them. boostCX allows you to generate multi-lingual surveys that display well on smartphones and tablets, which improves access and usability. Customers can now respond when it’s convenient for them, not just when they’re in front of a desktop.

360-degree view of the customer

By compiling a more detailed view of the customer, including transactions, complaints and surveys, boostCX provides greater insight into their experiences with your brand. Identify larger trends, see how customer frustrations impact future buying habits or target areas for improvement—boostCX enhances the customer experience management process by giving you a fuller picture of the people already interacting with your brand.

Other Features and Benefits of boostCX:

  • Real-time and/or batch automated data extraction
  • Turn-key customer experience management portal
  • Administrative tools for corporate users
  • Real-time, web-based secure portal
  • Built-in system to manage and prioritize cases
  • Visibility into the lifetime value of the customer
  • Online data mining
  • Automated survey data integrity violation process to detect fraud
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