The age of the customer has arrived. In every market, customer satisfaction is heavily influencing business success, differentiating dynamic and adaptable brands from their static competitors. Customer loyalty and retention demand an ongoing, full-fledged approach without endangering profitability—no easy task, but a possible one. It starts with the right solution, one as flexible as your business needs to be, and as comprehensive as your customers deserve.

boostCX, a full suite of customer experience management services and solutions, is already helping businesses of all sizes achieve greater customer retention and stronger loyalty as part of a cost-effective approach. With boostCX, not only does the voice of the customer reach decision-makers in your organization, but the data arrives in a digestible, easy-to-analyse format—all accessible through a single web-based portal.

boostCX can also give you:

  • A deeper and broader level of customer engagement
  • Extensive data in an easy-to-digest format
  • Greater insight into employee and branch performance through key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Detailed customer intelligence and feedback through a flexible survey engine (multi-lingual, mobile-friendly surveys in a variety of formats)
  • Turnkey customer experience management for less time spent analysing and more time spent enacting change
  • Ultimate flexibility—choose only the solutions and services your organization requires
  • Consistent and extended branding through “white labelled,” customizable surveys
  • Constant brand reputation management with social media monitoring and engagement
  • Valuable intelligence for identifying business process improvements
  • The complete view of the customer with transaction, survey and complaint history
  • The ability to integrate with existing CRM or marketing tools